#PowerMoveMonday Dwayne Wade Protector Of Family, Sticking Up For Son & Wife

Dwyane Wade is proving to be every family’s “dream dad/husband.”

Over Thanksgiving, his son Zion, 12, was criticized for wearing nail tips.

Dwayne has be open about supporting his son’s sexuality. Earlier this year Dwayne and Gabrielle went to the pride parade with Zion.

Dwayne also stood up for his wife Gabrielle, after she was “let go” from America’s Got Talent.

There was no real reason for the switch, the company said the judges were being “cycled out.” However, on two occasions Gabrielle felt her coworkers made derogatory remarks and she was told her hair is too “ethic.”

Gabrielle felt their decision to fire her was racists and has sparked a SAG-AFTRA investigation.

Dwayne took to Twitter and said “numbers don’t lie” and people watched the show just to see his wife.

Dwayne is out here being an amazing father and husband, fellas, take notes!

We salute you Dwayne Wade!

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