‘Black Widow’ Killer Walks Free After 25-Year Sentence For Murdering Rich Husband

A notorious convicted killer known as the “black widow” murderer, Margaret Rudin, 76, is now free.

Margaret served a 25-year bid after killing her millionaire husband in 1994, Ron Rudin, 67, a real estate mogul. Authorities say Ron was shot in the head several times while he slept then his body was hauled in a trunk in the desert where he was burned.

Margaret attempted to get Ron’s $11 M trust, but he created a clause that if he got killed violently, the crime must be investigated before any money is given. Margaret settled for $500 K, skipped town and changed her identity, but was caught in 1999.

Margaret claims she is innocent. She also says her husband was having an affair.

Now that Margaret is free she plans on writing a book.


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