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$1 Billion Cut From NYPD Budget For Youth + Community Services & More!

(Original article from Hot 97 – L’Oréal Luchi)

Major changes are being made to police reform! 

New York mayor Bill de Blasio announced that an agreement was reached for the NYPD budget. During a news brief today (June 30), de Blasio said $1 billion from their budget would be used for youth and community services. The total budget for the NYPD is $88.1 billion and $1 billion from that will be reallocated. 

This is a breakdown of what it means for the police and the community, reported by CBS:

  • The July police class of over 1,100 will be canceled
  • School safety will be shifted out of the NYPD
  • Crossing guards will be shifted out of the NYPD
  • Homeless outreach will be shifted out of the NYPD
  • Overtime will be curtailed.

Also, $115 million will be spent on summer youth programs, $116 million for education, $134 million for family and social services, $450 million for NYCHA, parks, and recreation, plus, $87 million for NYCHA Broadband extension. De Blasio also said $430 million would be cut from the department’s budget and $537 million will be shifted in capitol. De Blasio said public safety won’t be compromised.  

This is a HUGE step forward. Just yesterday (June 29), we reported that solitary confinement for people with underlying health conditions will end in NYC jails, and eventually solitary confinement will be gone completely.

Former Democratic candidate for president Juliàn Castro joined Ebro in the Morning to discuss his stance on police reform, take a look:



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