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Chris Brown Reached Out To Barack Obama In Hopes To Set Up A March! 

(Orignal article from Hot 97 – L’Oréal Luchi)

Some celebrities realize how important their power is during the global movement to end racism. 

Chris Brown is down for the cause and wants to get involved with Barack Obama. The Jasmine Brand captured a post and delete from the singer, sliding into the beloved former president, Barak Obama’s DM, and making a special request. Chris asked if they could set up a march. In the message, Chris said:

“Lets set up a march (for) change…the whole world will be behind you..I don’t know you personally but we have the same heart, brain, and power to change the world for the better…no publicity stunts…a real march..we have to start a smart, loving, compassionate 


It’s not clear yet if Barack responded but would you be down for a march with C Breezy and Obama?

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