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Justice For Vanessa Guillen – Her Remains Have Been Found!

This is a nightmare for the family of Fort Hood, Texas solider, Vanessa Gullien.

Gullien had been missing for two months and her remains have been found reported on CBS. It’s also being reported that she was killed and her body was dismembered by a fellow soldier who took his own life last week, according to federal and military investigations. 

Army officials believe the solider responsible for Gullien’s death is Aaron David Robinson, 22. Guillen’s family believes Vanessa was sexually harassed by Robinson prior to her death. Her sister, Mayra Gullien said Vanessa spoke with their mom and spoke on a sexual harassment experience. Mayra believes that her sister was “afraid” while in Fort Hood. 

According to a report, Robinson’s girlfriend, a 22-year-old civilian from a town near Fort Hood, Cecily Aguilar, helped Robinson hide Gullien’s body. Aguilar was arrested, charged, and later confessed what happened. Aguilar said, Robinson “repeatedly hit Guillen with a hammer, killing her, at Fort Hood on April 22. She was then mutilated and burned in an attempt to dispose of the body.” 

The family attorney Natalie Khawam said, “military sexual harassment is ‘epidemic’ and demands attention from Congress. You can’t turn a blind eye anymore.”

Gullien’s death has sparked a nationwide outcry for her justice. 


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