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50 Cent Claps Back At Vivica A. Fox After She Said He Has ‘F*** Boy Tendencies’ 

(Via Hot 97)

50 Cent keeps his name in the media, even if when he isn’t trying to! 

50 got caught in some flames after making comments about “angry black women” and their looks in general. His boo Cuban Link seemingly put him in his place him and he even got checked by his ex, Vivica A. Fox.

Vivica was on Fox Soul and Lisa Ray asked her about Fif, and the comments he made, and Viv didn’t hesitate to speak her mind. Vivica said 50 has “f**k boy tendencies” and wasn’t surprised about his comments about black women. She went on the say that 50 simply can’t handle black women and don’t want to be challenged. 

50 got word and wrote comments online. He said, “Vivica still in love with me, i dated her for four months, 17 years ago, and she’s still angry with me. I’m starting to feel like my *eggplant emoji* is serious. Take a look at the screenshot captured by The Neighborhood Talk:




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