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NBA YoungBoy RETURNS To IG, Shows Off His Love + Vents About Label

(Via Hot 97)

NBA Youngboy took a break from Instagram and now he’s back!

After clearing all of his pictures, he posted his first flick back on the gram with his son. In the photo, the father of six takes a walk with his baby boy.


The 20-year-old took a hiatus from music a few months ago around the time of the Yaya Mayweather drama erupted. He claims the break wasn’t over that situation, but because women are “trying to incriminate him.”

It appears as if his label is trying to keep him from owning his masters. The “Trillionaire” rapper shared on his IG stories some issues he was having with his label. In the post, he wrote, “I said they can have the next 4 albums free all I want is my masters in still got told no. Dirty game.” 

It’s not clear who owns Youngboy’s rappers but he could be referring to Atlantic Records, where he reportedly signed a deal three years ago for $2 million and an agreement to release five albums. 


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