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50 Cent Got Into Violent Argument w/ Someone Tossed A Table A Chairs At Them!

(Via Hot 97)

50 Cent flipped out!

Reported on TMZ, 50 Cent tossed a chair and a table at a man who he has a long history of beef with. The situation went down on July 8 on the patio area at the Edgewater Commons Mall in Edgewater, NJ. 50 was reportedly there enjoying drinks until there was a heated exchange of words. 

The article reports at some point, a man walked up to 50’s table, and then things got violent. In the footage, 50 grabbed the table and threw it in the man’s direction. It ended up hitting a Lexus. Then the man took off his shirt, ready to square up against Fif but then the man later left the scene. 50 left shortly after. 

No arrests have been made and authorities aren’t looking to pursue charges. The man hasn’t been identified, but he’s believed to be an “annoying fan” who is desperately trying to get 50’s attention. Sources say this is the same man who was in 50’s face last year outside of a movie theater, in hopes that Fif would check out his Instagram. 

As of yet, 50 hasn’t publicly addressed the situation. Take a look at the video:


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