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Bobby Shmurda Might Be Able To Celebrate His B/day Out Of Jail – Hearing Is Today

Bobby Shmurda could be home to celebrate his 26 birthday!

The Brooklyn rapper has court today, which also happens to be his birthday, for a parole hearing. There’s a lot of chatter that he could be released, but it hasn’t happened as of yet! We’ll keep you updated.

The “Hot N*gga” rapper was arrested in 2014 on numerous charges which include conspiracy to commit murder and weapons and drug charges associated with GS9. Back in 2016, Bobby Shmurda plead guilty to murder conspiracy charges and accepted a 7-year deal that included time served. In an interview that same year, Bobby explained why he took a longer sentence. His answer was due to loyalty.

“I did it for Rowdy. They offered me five and offered Rowdy 12. They said the only way they’ll give him seven is if I took seven too. So, you know, I had to take one for the dawgs.”

Bobby’s mom shared this image to her Instagram, with the caption, “It’s Leo Season and will be my son’s last Birthday inside we on the countdown!!!!”

People online are going CRAZY at the thought of Bobby coming home, take a look:

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