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Kehlani Removing Tory Lanez’ Off ‘Can I’ Following Alleged Shooting w/ Megan Thee Stallion

(Via Hot 97)

Kehlani is showing her loyalty and support for Megan Thee Stallion.

Although it’s being reported that Tory allegedly shot Megan in the foot, he hasn’t been named a suspect, according to a report. In addition, Megan gave her side of the story but didn’t address names, so the situation is still somewhat of a mystery. However, people have been showering Megan with support, and even seemingly canceling Tory. Our own Ebro said he can’t support Tory until he hears from Megan. 

Looks like other people who care for Megan are also cutting ties with Tory. Kehlani and Tory worked on a track, “Can I,” which appears on Kehlani’s It Was Good Until It Wasn’t. Kehlani Tweeted out that since Tory is already on the song, he can’t be removed now, but he won’t be in the music video, and his verse will be removed on the deluxe version of the album. 

The visual is set to drop today and Kehlani decided to do an “ode to sex workers.” She even hired real sex workers for the video. Take a look at a snippet: 

Kehlani is sticking by Megan as the two are reportedly good friends. Kehlani appeared on hot girl Meg’s track “Hit My Phone” off her EP Suga, and Megan appeared on Kehlani’s “Real Hot Girl Skit,” off It Was Good Until It Wasn’t.

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