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NHL Fans #Kneel4Hockey After Black Girl Hockey Launched The Movement For Lack Of Support

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As sporting events come back from being on a break due to the pandemic, some leagues are taking a huge stance for the black lives matter movement. Others are not.

Some NHL fans are criticizing players for not being in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. During the exhibition in Toronto and Edmonton yesterday (July 30), hockey players remained standing during the American and Canadian national anthem. Black girl hockey club on Twitter started a hashtag to bring more awareness to the cause. Hockey fans decided if the NHL won’t support the modern-day civil rights movement, they will. Take a look:

The nationwide and global push for equal justice started because of the 2020 murders of George Floyd, Ahmad Arbery, and Breonna Taylor at the hands of law enforcement. 

The NBA and WNBA have shown their solidarity for the cause. NBA players are wearing shirts that have social justice messages and are kneeling before games. People like LeBron James has been pushing hard for Breonna Taylor’s justice and for the cops involved to be arrested. WNBA players wear the initials of women who were killed at the hands of police. 

Even though the NFL hasn’t been supportive of players who peacefully protest by kneeling, like former player Colin Kaepernick, they are allowing their players to wear the initials of victims of police brutality. In the MLB, baseball players also showed their support for the fight for equal rights by kneeling. 

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Let’s keep our foot on the pedal, the fight is NOT OVER!

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