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Tory Lanez Details Why He Dropped Album After Breonna Taylor Verdict 

Via Hot 97

Tory Lanez received a lot of backlash after dropping Daystar.

Megan Thee Stallion said Tory Lanez shot her, back in July, and Tory hasn’t said anything until now, two months later. The day Tory dropped Daystar, a 17-track album where he told his side of the story, seemed like bad timing to the public. It was one day after the horrible Breonna Taylor verdict, which is also the same day Emmett Till’s murders were acquitted in 1955. So all around, it just seemed tasteless on Tory’s end. 

After dropping Daystar, people like Rick Ross called him out saying Tory’s timing was a “bad choice.” Tory and Ross had an exchange of words online. 

Tory also “explained” why he dropped Daystar when he did. In an IG post, he said September 25 is his mother’s birthday and the day she passed away. 

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