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OJ Simpson Shares His Thoughts On CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin’s Zoom D Incident

Via Hot97

OJ got a kick out of this! 

O.J Simpson shared his commentary after hearing CNN/The New Yorker journalist Jeffery Toobin had a “zoom incident.” 

While on a zoom meeting with board members and industry professionals from the New Yorker, Jeffrey exposed his genitals and was pleasing himself. He claims he didn’t realize his camera was on and he apologized. However, the New Yorker had suspended him until further investigation.

Social media was rolling after zoom d*** was trending. OJ chimed in and said, “Daaaaamn, Jeffrey Toobin. At least Pee-wee Herman was in an X-rated movie theater.” Then O.J laughed, take a look:

Jeffrey covered O.J Simpson’s trial back in the 1990s when “The Juice” was accused of killing his wife Nicole-Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman, but was acquitted.

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