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Wendy Williams Talks About Her ‘Concerning Behavior’ After Former DJ Alludes To Substance Abuse

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Wendy Williams has fans concerned again. 

People have been taking to social media to say that lately, something seems off with the Queen of media! Some think she’s having sobriety issues. 

Wendy seemingly addressed the matter and said that the audience is a “tough crowd.” She mentioned that even though she’s working her dream job, it’s still work, she’s not perfect and she appreciates people for tuning in. As reported on The Jasmine Brand, Wendy said, 

“I always say I love you for watching because I really, really do. You know, I come here every day and I try to do the best that I can for you. I appreciate you watching, but it’s, you know, even after all of these years, it’s still work. You know, an effort put in for the hour that I’m out here with you.”

Wendy watchers have been chiming in online, asking other people if Wendy seems okay. One user said, “something in the milk ain’t clean,” while others are reminding people that Wendy suffers from Graves’ disease. Take a look:

The Neighborhood Talk blog reported that Wendy staffers allegedly want her to go to rehab. Sources close to ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ told Love B Scott that they believe Wendy had gone back to self-medicating with prescription pills/opioids. The source also said coming to work on the show is like “watching a train wreck every day” and that Wendy’s team tries to use medication she uses for her Graves disease battle as an excuse for her behavior and believes she does need to go to rehab.

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TNHT Intern: @Prvncess.Ash_ _____________________ _______________ Neighbors, it looks like more than just Wendy Williams former DJ is concerned about her alarming health issues. ______________________ As previously reported social media users questioned the host’s behavior especially after a recent episode where she appeared “out of it”, took long pauses to speak, and struggled through her “Hot Topics” segment, at one point accidentally calling singer Adele “Hoe-dele.” ______________________ According to Bossip, the odd behavior now has fans convinced that Wendy is having some sort of sobriety issue. Along with the fans are the Wendy Williams staffers who have also become concerned. ______________________ Sources close to ‘The Wendy Williams Show’ exclusively told lovebscott.com that they believe Wendy is self-medicating (again) with “prescription pills, some kind of opioid.” ______________________ The source told the website that producers will sometimes air repeat episodes to cover the talk show host’s erratic behavior. ______________________ “The production staff is at a loss for what to do,” the source says. “Because of COVID, the staff sits in the audience every show, and they’re constantly worried she’s going to pass out on the air like before. ______________________ “Some days it’s so bad, the producers will pull the plug and air a repeat,” the source continues”. ______________________ “But It’s a big production and they can’t keep wasting money like that. It’s an awful situation, and everyone involved around her is both concerned and over it.” ______________________ “Everyone feels bad for all the personal drama she’s gone through the last few years at the hands of her loutish ex-husband, but what can they do?” says the source. ______________________ The source added that coming to work on the show is like “watching a train wreck every day” and that Wendy’s team “tries to use medication she uses for her Graves disease battle as an excuse for her behavior and believes she does need to go to rehab. Let’s keep Wendy in our prayers at this time.

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Production has reportedly had to rerun episodes due to Wendy’s alleged erratic behavior. The staff reportedly “doesn’t know what to do,” and because of COVID, the staff sits in the audience every show constantly worried if she will pass out on air again. Wendy’s former DJ on the show, DJ Boof also spoke on Wendy’s strange behavior in a since-deleted comment. A fan said,

“Wendy you need to stop your show and seriously get help, your camp is just watching you spiral instead of you sending help shame on them. Ill be boycotting the show until you get checked in to REHAB. Drugs will kill you please get help.” Boof replied,

“Yup exactly and it will all come out.. Ya’ll have no idea what’s really going on and everyone there is afraid to speak up because they don’t wanna lose their jobs.. this is going to play out bad.. I feel sorry for the workers and victims. Have a blessed day.” Take a look:

Wendy admitted to using cocaine early in her career. Last year, the daytime talk show host checked herself into rehab, amid battling Graves’ disease and a divorce from her ex-husband of 21 years (and finding out he had a baby on her). 

This is a clip of another episode that had fans concerned. Take a look:

We wish the best for Wendy.

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