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Masika React To Alexis Skyy Allegedly Admitting Fetty Wap Isn’t Her Child’s Dad

Via Hot 97

Whew chileeee….

Two of the mothers of Fetty Wap’s children had a few things to get off their chest. Masika Kalysha and Lezhae Zeona were venting about Alexis Skyy allegedly admitting she knew that Fetty Wap wasn’t the father of her child. 

Take a look:

A man named Brandon Medford is seemingly claiming to be the father of Alexis Skyy’s daughter Lay Lay. Take a look: 

In 2019, Fetty said Alexis Skyy’s daughter isn’t biologically his. However, Alexis Sky hasn’t publicly addressed the matter as of right now. 

In music news, Fetty Wap is trending because of his new album, have you heard it yet? Check it out!

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