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Fetty Wap Tells A Fan Exactly Why His Music Career ‘Fell Off’

Via Hot 97

A fan got really BOLD with Fetty Wap.

An online user commented under Fetty’s post and said “I actually don’t know how you fell off.” Good thing Fetty didn’t take offense to the comment.

Instead, he gave the fan a few reasons. According to Fetty, he was entangled with bad management and dealt with greed and selfishness from his circle. Fetty went on to say he’s focused on the music and has a new circle!

Take a look:

Fetty dropped an album this year, You Know The Vibes. Fetty gained a lot of fame after dropping his 2014 hit “Trap Queen.” He had the whole world screaming “1738!” Fetty also dropped other hits in 2015 “My Way” and “Again.” A Ron Suno and Fetty collab is on the way also. 

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