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Coi Leray Involved In Crash After A Car Ran A Red Light, Coi Sends A Message To Her Fans

Jersey’s own Col Leary is very lucky to be alive.

She revealed a driver ran a light and crashed into the vehicle she was in on Christmas Eve. Thank God she’s okay! It’s not clear exactly what happened, but from her social media, a driver in another car was in a rush, ran a red left, and totaled both cars.

The scary moment had Coi reconnecting with God and she said that He must have a plan for her since her life was spared. She also let her fans know that she suffered minor injuries but was okay. She also let everyone know she’s strong. Take a look:

Please be safe on the roads this season! Keep streaming Coi’s holiday banger “Merry Christmas” ft. Dess Dior and MaliibuMiitch.

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