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Drake Gets A Dope Christmas Gift From His Uncle That He Mentions In Songs

Sometimes the people closest to you know will know the perfect gift to get you. 

Drake’s uncle Steve gifted him his first ever performance royalty check. This was Drake’s first earnings as a rapper that he received in November 2007 for $304.04. There was also a certificate from the Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada (SOCAN). Drake shared the special gift on his Instagram stories.

Drizzy was reflecting on his success 13 years later and said, 

“My uncle found and gifted me my first earnings from music. Came a long way from 3 bills in royalties.” Take a look:

Drake’s Uncle Steve plays an important role in his life, Rap Up reports the 6 god credits some of his success because of his Uncle. Back in 2012, Drake said, 

“Without this man there is no me…Uncle Steve,”

Drizzy shouted his uncle out in his 2013 track,“Started From the Bottom.” 

“And my uncle calling me like where you at, I gave you the keys told you bring it right back,” he raps.


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