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Royalty: Happy Birthday Tina Knowles!

Tina Knowles, American fashion designer, business owner, and mother of the moguls Beyoncé Carter and Solange Knowles, turns 67 today. Tina is most known for designing most of Destiny’s Child’s “ahead of their time” looks.

During a past interview with Beverly Johnson for The Washington Post, 

Tina said she got most of her fashion inspiration for Destiny’s Child from the group Motown. Tina said, 

“We were big Motown fans, my ex-husband and I both. The girls looked at tapes of Motown and that’s where we got our inspiration. The costumes that they wore in those days when you were sitting on the 30th row, you could see because there was a sparkle, there was a dazzle, they looked like stars. So that was the concept for Destiny’s Child.”


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