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Texas Pastor Tried To Stop Looter w/ Gun But Got Fatally Shot In The Process

A Texas pastor did everything he could to protect his people from a looter with a gun but unfortunately, things took a left turn.

The first Sunday of the new year was like a nightmare for some Texas churchgoers. As reported on CNN, a pastor noticed a man in the bathroom with a red money bag that belonged to the church.

The pastor drew his weapon and ordered the looter, 22, to put the bag back but the looter refused and ended up moving toward the front door, then lunged, disarmed, and fatally shot the pastor. Then the suspect fled the scene in a stolen car that belonged to the pastor, the article reports. The suspect was pursued by a Harrison County deputy, who managed to disable the vehicle and take the suspect into custody.

The case is being investigated as capital murder and will be presented to the Smith County District Attorney’s Office. Two people were also reportedly injured, one from a gunshot wound, whose condition is unknown, and the other from falling.

Take a look at the news report:


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