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CNN’s Don Lemon Called Donald Trump A ‘Snowflake’ & Social Media Lost Their Mind!

Via Hot 97

CNN’s Don Lemon had some choice of words for Donald Trump.

Earlier this week, During Don’s CNN news report, he made comments in response to a Fox News segment where anchor Bill Hemmer asked a Trump campaign spokesperson, Hogan Gidley if the president feels “emasculated” after “the social media crackdown”. Following the Capitol riots, invited by Trump, the president was banned from Twitter. Facebook and Instagram suspended his account until Inauguration Day. 

Don called Trump the “biggest snowflake of them all” following the Capitol insurrection, The Independent reports. In the beginning, Don said, “I’ve heard a lot of pathetic things from this White House, This one really takes the cake.”

Don continued and called Trump “a big tough guy who incited a riot and then hid in the White House for five days and still refuses to take responsibility.” Don also told Hogan to “shut up.”

Take a look at the segment + social media’s reactions: 


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