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Power Move Monday – Rick Ross Invests In Health Program Where People Don’t Need Insurance

They don’t call Rick Ross the biggest boss for play play! 

Ricky Rozay just made another investment, and this time he’s focusing on health. 

He invested $1 million into a Florida-based telehealth startup company called Jetdoc. The company provides virtual doctor visits and discounts on prescriptions to subscribers who download the app. The biggest gem is that users don’t need health insurance to access the program. The company’s mission also aims to make healthcare more accessible for people that traditionally struggle, namely people of color and other underserved communities, HNHH reports. The article also says, the company’s founder Tommy Duncan specifically cites high rates of diabetes in the Black community as a troubling issue. 

In these unprecedented times, access to health care for all is very important. The investment king got involved with the company back in 2020 as an endorser, then he became an investor. He also owns 25 Wingstop franchises, a Checkers franchise, real estate investments, and he’s the CEO of his record label, Maybach Music Group MMG. In addition, he has his aftershave cream business that also features skin care producxts for men, and he’s a brand endorser for Belaire.

Salute! Rick Ross!

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