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Does Chick-Fil-La Actually Give You Something Free If You Say These Two Words?

Chick-Fil-La is growing popular as a fast-food restaurant.

They’re most known for being closed on Sunday, serving delicious chicken, and employees having the best customer service. 

There’s been a rumor floating around that if a guest says to a Chick-Fil-La employee, “my pleasure,” they’ll be rewarded with a free item. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Although from time to time, the chain will randomly have a “free offer” for a food item, there’s no “set way” to get it. Some restaurants offer free meals if you take a survey or something of that nature but Chick-Fil-La doesn’t do that.

The “my pleasure” rumor started in December 2020 after a famous Tik Toker Jordan Lewis (@driftyjayy) uploaded a prank video ordering from Chick-Fil-La. 

Via Mashed

In the short video, Lewis filmed himself ordering a meal through the Chick-fil-A drive-thru, and responding to the end of the interaction with the words “my pleasure,” to which the employee replies, “Your total is $0.” The clip quickly racked up close to 4 million views. However, Lewis, who features many prank videos on his TikTok account, cannot entirely claim credit for this rumor.

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