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Famous Dex Out Of Rehab But Fans Are Concerned He’s Using Again

The road to sobriety is NOT easy.

Sometimes taking the first step, admitting you have a problem, is the hardest step to take. However, Famous Dex was able to face those demons and agreed to go to rehab last month. 

When Dex returned to social media, fans had some concerns. Dex shared a picture of himself, some online users think Dex looks sick or possibly on some sort of substance again. Some fans said he looked high. DJ Akademics shared a picture of Dex fresh out of rehab and one online user commented, “He definitely popped a perc the first day out.”

Dex previously denied using heavy narcotics but he once said, “Let me tell you something, I want to address this to everybody that’s listening to me. Stop worrying the next muthaf**** that’s doing drugs…The world on drugs, you know what I’m sayin’? I used to love doing whatever. I got money, I can do whatever the f*** I wanna do,” HNHH reports. 


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