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Still Fighting For Breonna Taylor: 3 Grand Jurors Push For Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron To Get Impeached

March 13 will make one year since Breonna Taylor was murdered in her home.

True justice wasn’t served. Louisville gave Breonna’s family a multi-million dollar wrongful death settlement, but they didn’t actually hold anyone accountable for the “wrongful death.” The three officers involved were not charged for killing Breonna, only Brett Hanikson was charged for putting the neighbors in danger and was hit with three counts of first-degree wanton endangerment.

Now it’s time to get the people out of office who didn’t protect Breonna. Three people who served on the grand jury in Breonna’s case are calling for the impeachment of Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron. 

Via The Jasmine Brand:

Multiple members of the grand jury have called out Daniel Cameron.

In October, an anonymous grand juror said they were never presented with murder charges against the officers.  Now, three grand jurors have filed a petition, urging for the State Legislature to impeach Daniel Cameron. They accuse him of falsifying information to the media to help his own image.

[Daniel Cameron] alleged in the press conference that the jurors didn’t want to move forward with potential homicide charges against the officers, but now the three jurors say those charges were never presented to them as an option. In fact, the only alleged charge they were informed of was wanton endangerment. They said Daniel Cameron used them as “a shield to deflect accountability and responsibility.”

At the same time, a petition on Change.org has also called for Daniel Cameron to be removed from office. So far, over [1500] of the 2000 goal have signed as of Tuesday, Jan. 26. 

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