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TikTok DANGER: 10 Y.O Girl Died After Participating In The ‘Black Out Challenge’

Tik Tok is very popular but parents should be aware of the dangers.

Aside from having to protect children from sexual predators online, people should also be cautious of some of these viral challenges. Although some or fun and can get the family involved, others can pose a serious threat if it’s not done properly or with supervision.

A 10-year old girl died of asphyxiation after doing the #BlackOutChallenge.


Italian authorities ordered TikTok to block all accounts where the user’s age could not be verified after a 10-year-old girl died Thursday participating in the “blackout challenge.”

Investigators said the girl had tried the “blackout challenge,” where kids attempt to temporarily suffocate themselves to get a feeling of euphoria, just as in the “choking game.”

Several people on TikTok took the challenge, and the girl’s parents said she would have noticed it there, according to Reuters. Police said she was recording herself in a bathroom with a belt around her neck.

Technically, children under age 13 are not allowed to use TikTok and are instead steered to a safer platform, called TikTok For Younger Users. But TikTok does not have an effective age-verification system, so the girl could have easily faked her birthday to use the full app.

In response, Italian authorities ordered the company to block all accounts for which it could not verify the user’s age, the Associated Press reported

The ban will last until at least Feb. 15, when it will be reevaluated.

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