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A Harlem Man Killed His Mother After She Told Him To ‘Get A Job’ & Stop Being Lazy

Beyond insane!

A mother of eight is dead after her own son shot her in the head after she told him to “get a job.”

The family is outraged and is calling for the son to face the highest level of consequence.

Via Hot 97

As reported on news sources, a New York woman was found dead in her apartment. The killer is reportedly her 22-year-old son Musa Camara.

Musa’s mother, Fatoumata Danson, reportedly told her son he needed to get a job. She told him he needs to stop being lazy and afterward he fatally shot her in the head. 

Unemployed Mussa then fled the scene. He fired a shot at a stranger in the street. NYPD was able to taser him and then arrest him. NYPD found him with the weapon in his possession. 

The family members are demanding for Musa’s arrest and prosecution to be to the fullest extent of the law. The victim’s brother, Yaku Basangari, said he wants his nephew “to rot in jail for the rest of his life.”

Take a look at a screenshot captured by The Neighboord Talk blog:


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