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Apryl Jones Says She Was ‘Forced’ To Join ‘Love & Hip Hop’ To Help ‘Clean Up’ Omarion’s Image

Apryl Jones is speaking out about her relationship with Omarion while on LAHH Hollywood

Apryl claims the situation was “controlled” and she didn’t want to do reality TV. During an interview with Madame Noire , Apryl said, “That whole situation with me and O on Love and Hip Hop was completely controlled. I never even wanted to do freakin’ reality TV.”. 

Apryl also revealed O’s manager wanted to clear rumors of the singer being gay, so having Apryl on the show would shut those down. She said she was willing to do it because she loves him and he’s the father of her children. She said, 

“So to show he was in a relationship with a woman and having kids and all that, they thought it would be great. If you love somebody, you’re going to do it, but it just felt controlled. I wasn’t really myself.” 

Apryl has been a hot topic for a few weeks. She was spotted on a date with Dr. Dre last week. Later on, Apryl’s LAHH Hollywood cast mate, Moniece Slaughter, was on Live and “confirmed” the relationship between Dre and Apryl. 

Moniece said she received threats, allegedly from Dre, telling her to not speak on the situation any more. Moniece has decided to stay out of it for the safety of her children. 

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