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Meek Mill Responds To Backlash Over Kobe Bryant Lyric

Once again, Meek Mill is getting hammered online.

This time it’s over a clip of a Lil Baby and Meek collab. The track is reportedly called “Kobe Bryant” and some people have a problem with one of Meek’s lyrics. 

Meek raps, “And if I ever lack I’m going out with my choppa it be another Kobe / Sh*t I can tell they ain’t never know me.” Take a listen, screenshot captured by The Neighborhood Talk blog:

Meek responded to the backlash via Twitter. Meek claims that some online users are brainwashed and “someone” promotes a narrative and people follow it.

Kobe along with his daughter and 7 others died in a tragic helicopter crash on January 26, 2020, so some people feel it’s too soon, while other users feel it’s just rap. Take a look at what some online users said:

What are your thoughts?

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