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Texas Senator, Ted Cruz Hops On Plane To Cancun Amid Texas Power Outage

What’s up with Texas leadership? First, West Texas Mayor Tim Boyd accused residents of being “weak” for asking for help, now the senator dodged the power outage and is headed to Cancun! 

Ted Cruz is catching major heat online after a picture went viral of him on an airplane. He’s on his way to Mexico, while millions of residents have no power, water, or heat in freezing temperatures. 

Although there are photos of Ted Cruz online being circulated, news outlets “can’t confirm” he’s away since his office didn’t confirm any travel plans. However, former MSNBC anchor David Shuster confirmed the news as well as some people on the plane. 

Take a look at what some Texas residents are dealing with, screenshots captured but the It’s On-Site and The Neighborhood Talk blog:


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