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Sophie Brussaux Speaks On Raising Adonis + Poppa Drake Gives His Baby Boy Major Props For His Art Skills

Sophie Brussaux opened up about raising Adonis.

During a recent interview with Complex, Sophie opened up about her passion for art and how Adonis is exploring his creative skills. Sophie, who currently works at a Toronto-based non-profit art origination, Arts Help ( she co-founded a few years ago), said art started as a hobby, and now it’s her purpose. She said, “It’s born out of agape love for my son, art, and our fellow earthers. I used to paint for fun, and I still do, but now I paint with a purpose.”

Sophie also said Adonis is exploring his artistic skills and it’s a big part of the fun activities they do at home. “We draw, create, we dance, and paint. Adonis is a very artistically inclined child. Whatever he chooses to do later in life he will have my full and loving support. We frame his paintings and put them up in the house next to other artists’ works. I want him to grow up seeing the value in the art he produces at every age,” Sophie said.

Drake also gave his three-year-old’s art skills major props. He shared a picture in his Instagram story of his friend Chub’s son, who was seemingly on a playdate with Adonis. Looks like Adonis has been practicing tie-dye t-shirt designs. Take a look:

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