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Yaya Mayweather Takes Her Newborn w/ NBA Youngboy On His 1st Yacht Experience + She Speaks On Motherhood

Yaya Mayweather is a young new mother who seems to be trying to find her way.

In a recent interview, she spoke on the joy she feels with motherhood. She said motherhood has made her the happiest she’s ever been. Take a look:

Yaya also took her newborn with NBA Youngboy on a yacht with her family. Social media had mixed reactions, some users questioned her parenting skills while others noted if she didn’t bring the baby, people would STILL have something to say.

One user said, “this baby [two] days old and already done been more places than me lol.” Another comment reads, “damn if she do damn if she don’t…if she didn’t have the baby y’all still would be talking mess.” 

Take a look at more social media reactions

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