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Dr. Dre Raps About Brain Aneurysm + Divorce In New Freestyle With KXNG Crooked

Dr. Dre is back in his bag!

Longtime Aftermath affiliate DJ Silk hopped online and shared a snippet of new music with Dr. Dre and KXNG Crooked. In the clip, Dre raps about the divorce he’s currently going through with his estranged wife, Nicole Young. Dre also mentions his health scare, notable lyrics:

“(B*tch) Tryna kill me with them lies and that perjury / ICU / I see you tryna f*ck me while I’m in surgery.” Take a listen, screenshot captured by Hip Hop DX:

The biggest battle in Nicole and Dre’s divorce is over a prenup. Dre claims Nicole signed one while she claims she did but was pressured and Dre later tore it up. Dre wants a Los Angeles Superior judge to determine if the prenup is valid and enforceable, according to the report. 

On January 6, Dre was rushed to the hospital after suffering from a brain aneurysm. While he was recovering, he agreed to give Nicole a one time payment of $2 million in spousal support, she was initially requesting $2 million per month. Also, he agreed to continue to pay the $293,306 he’s paying her monthly but he didn’t agree to paying $5 million in attorney fees. 

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