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A Man Requested Half His Money Back After Three Failed Dates

Besties, can you believe the AUDACITY?

NYDN shared a story about a man from Milwaukee who is requesting his money back from a woman he took out. After the third date, they realized they wouldn’t be going on any more. The man had the nerve to ask the woman for $35. 

The text said,

“The reason I ask is since you and I won’t be seeing each other anymore it’s only fair to ask for equal payment from you for the dates we went on,” the request continues. “I believe it was 3 separate times we went out bars/restaurants where I paid for us both each time.”

However, he caught wind of his date airing him out on social media and responded with a PETTY post. He shared a cartoon meme and in the caption wrote, “How I sleep knowing I’m never gonna f*ck with a broke ass ho who takes advantage of people.” 

Take a look:

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