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Kodak Black Addresses Rumors + Drags Gucci Mane For Calling Him A Clone

Kodak Black is addressing a crazy rumor about himself. 

Ever since Kodak was granted clemency from former president Donald Trump earlier this year, he’s been heavily criticized about his appearance. Social media users couldn’t help but notice Kodak’s dramatic weight loss his a new hairstyle, and some believe that he was “cloned.”

Kodal hopped on live to address the rumors and say for once and for all that he’s not a clone. Complex reports Kodak said during the live,

“‘Why this don’t sound like Kodak?’ What the hell? So who I sound like? All this little clone sh*t starting to make me mad now. See back then, all my other little bids, whenever this little clone shit came out, I wasn’t really trippin’. Y’all blowing me now.”

Gucci Mane and Kodak were in the same area recently and Gucci asked Kodak if he was a clone. It’s not clear if Gucci was joking, but Kodak didn’t take it too well. Take a look at Gucci asking Kodak the wild question:

Kodak spoke Gucci’s comments in a live video and roasted him for making the clone remark. Take a look:

Via Hot 97

Back in 2016 when Gucci Mane was released from prison, fans were accusing the rapper of being a clone. A Twitter user made a great point about people trying to undermine black men’s growth. The Tweet says,

“Folks said tried to say @gucci1017 got cloned because he transformed. Now they tryna say @KodakBlack1k got cloned because he transformed. Stop de-legitimizing Black men’s growth processes because they’re breaking out of the boxes of your expectations.” Take a look:

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