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Local Black-Owned Plant Based Burger Lands Deal On Shark Tank!

Feel good story!

Three black entrepreneurs landed a deal on Shark Tank for their plant-based burger business! Mark Cuban offered $300,000 at 22% and they accepted the deal.


Plant-based food with legendary flavor” is how owners Duane Myko, Danita Claytor and Chef Jumoke Jackson, of Everything Legendary, describe their plant-based burgers. 

Duane led their pitch with his highly energetic and passionate presentation, exclaiming “Everything Legendary is the Wagyu of plant-based meats, it’s the caviar, it’s the Kobe beef, it is the best”. 

Jumoke explained that their plant-based food is infused with flavor made in a real kitchen by a real chef … not scientists.

When asked by Daymond John what got them started in the business, Danita explained that Duane’s mom has Lupus and her own mother died from cancer. She said they had tried to get her mom to eat healthier after her diagnosis, but she did not enjoy the taste of most of the options that were available. 

So, propelled by wanting to create healthier options not only for their moms but also for the Black community as a whole, they began Everything Legendary. 

“4% of the country right now are vegans, however, 8% of Black people are vegans,” explained Duane on Shark Tank.

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