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Everything You Missed From The Raekwon & Ghost Face Killah Verzuz 

Another Verzuz went down over the weekend! Hip hop treasures Raekwon and Ghostface Killah battled it out. Courtesy of Pitchfork, take a look at the songs from each round:

Round 1:

Ghostface Killah: “Special Delivery” (Diddy)

Raekwon: “Skew It on the Bar-B” (OutKast)

Round 2:

Ghostface Killah: “Ghost Deini”

Raekwon: “10 Bricks”

Round 3:

Ghostface Killah: “4th Chamber” (GZA)

Raekwon: “House of Flying Daggers”

Round 4:

Ghostface Killah: “Mighty Healthy”

Raekwon: “Incarcerated Scarfaces”

Round 5:

Ghostface Killah: “Black Jesus”

Raekwon: “Live from New York”

Round 6:

Ghostface Killah: “The Watch”

Raekwon: “It’s Yourz” (Wu-Tang Clan)

Round 7:

Ghostface Killah: “Impossible” (Wu-Tang Clan)

Raekwon: “100 Rounds”

Round 8:

Ghostface Killah: “Cherchez La Ghost”

Raekwon: “Ice Cream” [ft. Cappadonna]

Round 9:

Ghostface Killah: “New God Flow.1” (Kanye West)

Raekwon: “State of Grace”

Round 10:

Ghostface Killah: “Nutmeg”

Raekwon: “Criminology” [ft. Ghostface Killah]

Round 11:

Raekwon: “C.R.E.A.M.” [ft. Inspectah Deck] (Wu-Tang Clan)

Ghostface Killah: “Holla”

Round 12:

Raekwon: “Rainy Dayz (Remix)”

Ghostface Killah: “Daytona 500”

Round 13:

Raekwon: “Glaciers of Ice” [ft. Masta Killa]

Ghostface Killah: “Run”

Round 14:

Raekwon: “John Blaze” (Fat Joe)

Ghostface Killah: “It’s Over”

Round 15:

Raekwon: “Yae Yo”

Ghostface Killah: “One”

Round 16:

Raekwon: “Rich and Black”

Ghostface Killah: “Back Like That”

Round 17:

Raekwon: “Verbal Intercourse”

Ghostface Killah: “Never Be the Same Again”

Round 18:

Raekwon: “Cash Still Rules/Scary Hours (Still Don’t Nothing Move but the Money)” (Wu-Tang Clan)

Ghostface Killah: “Summertime” (Beyoncé)

Round 19:

Raekwon and Ghostface Killah: “Freek’n You (Mr. Dalvin’s Freek Mix)” (Jodeci)

Round 20:

Raekwon: “The Game of Rock”

Ghostface Killah and Raekwon: “Can It Be All So Simple / Intermission” (Wu-Tang Clan)

Round 20:

Ghostface Killah: “All That I Got Is You”

Raekwon: “Heaven & Hell”

Take a look at the entire performance, shared on YouTube by Greenroom TV:

Via Hot 97

  1. Raekwon reveals he’s writing a book called “From The Staircase to the Stage.”
  2. Ghostface Killa announces that he is dropping six albums this year, including Cuban Linx 3. 
  3. Ghostface brought out his infamous Chinchilla coat with his outfit change. 
  4. Members of the Wu-Tang Clan stopped the VERZUZ to show their love and support for Rae and Ghost. RZA also saluted them for their epic career and what they brought to hip-hop. 
  5. Brand new music from Ghostface Killa and Raekwon premiered on VERZUZ. 

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