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Seafood Fraud Is A REAL Thing! Have You Checked Your Fish Lately? 

According to a new Guardian Seascape survey, 36% of seafood studied was mislabeled.

For exmaple, in 2018, 70% of “snapper” sold throughout the U.K. were actually from 38 other species, including some possibly endangered reef-dwelling species.


The Guardian was careful to note that the results did not mean that a third of all seafood worldwide is mislabeled; only certain species were analyzed, for instance, “meaning it is inaccurate to conclude that 36% of all global seafood is necessarily mislabeled,” The Guardian said. 

Likewise, the studies all had different methodologies and samples. “Nor are fish always deliberately mislabeled – although the huge majority of substitutions involved lower-priced fish replacing higher-priced ones, indicating fraud rather than carelessness.”

There’s also a practice known as fish laundering when illegally caught fish is pawned off as legit, British Columbia fisheries economist Rashid Sumaila told The Guardian.

Take the test to see if you know your fish or not!

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