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Remy Ma Opens Up About Being ‘Angry’ w/ Herself & God While Serving Time

Remy Ma appeared on TV One’s Uncensored and kept it transparent.

The veteran rapper opened up about spending six years behind bars and how it impacted her mental health. Remy said while she was locked up, she found herself angry with herself and God. She said,

“I was more mad for not knowing more, letting myself be around people who would even put me in that situation. So for a long period, I was mad. I was mad at God. I was like, ‘Why would you do this?’ People say, ‘God knows your heart.’ You [God] know my heart, why are you doing this to me. And why are you doing this to me for so long.”

As time went on, the “All The Way Up” rapper’s mindset changed, and she found joy in helping others. Remy said, “It was some people in there who was doing so bad. There were people whose husbands left them. Their friends forgot about them. There were so many different things that I didn’t have to go through. I went through my own stuff, but there were so many people that were way worse than me.” She continued,

“A lot of my friends, the people that I call my friends now, are people that I met there. They risked their freedom inside. When I needed people to call home for me, say if I got in trouble and couldn’t eat, they would cook food for me and risk getting in trouble themselves to bring me food. Just things that they didn’t have to do. And it wasn’t because I was Remy Ma.”

Remy recently appeared on the Wendy Show, and despite Remy getting convicted, she said she’s innocent and didn’t know the victim that was shot. She hinted that “one day,” she’ll tell the story of what REALLY happened.

Take a look at a clip. The episode airs tonight, Sunday (April 18), at 10 p.m. ET on TV One. Take a look at a teaser:

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