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Saweetie Said She’s Only Focused On Her Paper, Pillows & The Studio!

Icy girl Saweetie isn’t letting her break up with Quavo bring her down.

The West Coast rapper is seemingly in good spirits, getting to the bag and dropping music. After four years, Saweetie and Quavo split in March. 

Saweetie recently appeared on E!’s Nightly Pop and spoke on her love life. She said, “What is my love life? My love life is the pillows, the studio, and putting more money into my bank account.”

She went on to say she doesn’t have the capacity for a relationship right now.

“That’s my love language right now. For all of my women out there, I just feel like, after a relationship, relationships take up a lot of time. Right now, I’m just getting back to [myself]. Perfecting my craft is my number one priority.”

She said she’s open to falling in love again, but “Cupid” has to find her. Take a look:

Saweetie accused him of cheating, and he claimed she wasn’t “the girl he thought she was.” 

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