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Naomi Osaka Fined $15 K For Not Talking To Media At French Open, She Wants To Raise Awareness On Mental Health 

Once again, Naomi Osaka is taking a stand for something she believes in. 

Ahead of the French Open, Naomi announced she’s not speaking to the media. She believes people have no regard for athletes and what they experience during press conferences. Especially if they just lost a match. In a Tweet earlier this week, she said, 

“I’ve often felt that people have no regard for athlete’s mental health, and this very true whenever I see a press conference or partake in one. We’re often sat there and asked questions that we’ve been asked multiple times before or asked questions that bring doubt into our minds, and I’m just not going to subject myself to people that doubt me.”

Naomi, who represents Japan, was fined $15,000 for not participating in a mandatory post-match press conference. They warned if she continues to not talk to the media, she could risk default from the French Open. Tournament organizers said there could be “more substantial fines and future Grand Slam suspensions.” 

Ultimately, Naomi hopes to bring awareness to mental health. 

Grand Slam said they have mental health resources for players. CBS reports, “We individually and collectively have significant resources dedicated to player well-being. [To] continue to improve, however, we need engagement from the players to understand their perspective and find ways to improve their experiences.”

During the 2020 modern-day civil rights movement, Naomi took a stance. She showed her support for the Black Lives Matter movement by wearing the names of victims killed by police brutality/white supremacy on her mask. 

We STAN with Naomi, and we LOVE her! 


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