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5 Things We Learned About ICY GIRL, Saweetie In Complex Cover

Saweetie graced the cover of Complex’s magazine, and she looks fantastic!

Here are five things we learned Via Complex:

  1. Saweetie wants to collab with J. Cole. She also appeared on the publication’s show, GOAT TALK, and spoke on her favorite Cole jam. She said, “I think the greatest J. Cole song of all time—at least, a song that really just makes me feel something—is ‘Cost Me a Lot,’” she said. “And that was a mixtape song. The mainstream people don’t know too much about that.”

2. Saweetie addressed Cardi B. “I Know Das Right” drama!

Saweetie, the 26-year-old rapper who claims the Bay and Sacramento, has helped revive the saying for a younger generation. (You might have seen the #ikdr hashtag, which stands for “I know dats right!”) She peppers it in her speech, sometimes adding extra words for emphasis. “I know that’s mothafuckin’ right!” she said after scoring points in a game of beer pong. Or sometimes she flips it. “I know that’s right, and never, ever wrong,” she said while jetskiing in heart-shaped goggles and a pink shower cap to protect her weave. The saying has become so closely attached to her that when Cardi B released her hit single “Up,” which featured the phrase on the hook (“Broke boys don’t deserve no pussy/ I know that’s right!”), commenters on IG Live questioned why she didn’t just have Saweetie say it. Cardi said she would have, but it completely slipped her mind.

3. Saweetie says Icy University was a give-back to her fans. She paid for the first season’s production costs out of her pocket. Still, because of the series’ popularity—each episode draws around half a million views—Season 2 is sponsored by Oculus. This Facebook-owned company makes and sells virtual reality headsets. It will give fans an immersive, 360-degree view of a virtual Icy University campus that includes a quad full of money trees and a water fountain made from diamonds. And Saweetie will interview famous guests who discuss topics like self-love and mental health.

4. Dyana Williams, a Black radio legend who media-trained Saweetie and taught her how to be graceful. 

5. Pretty Bitch Music, which she began working on pre-pandemic, is her debut album that’s set to drop this summer. She was inspired by the way Tupac turned the “thug” in Thug Life into an acronym and applied that to the “bitch” in Pretty Bitch Music: “B” stands for bossed up or bossy, “I” for independent, “T” for toughness, “C” for creative, and “H” for hyphy (a nod to her roots in the Bay).

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