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Safaree Finally Reveals Bleaching His Skin Was A Troll & Announces Skin Care Line, ‘Paradise’

Safaree had the whole internet saying WTF when he announced a few weeks ago he’s bleaching his skin.

Safaree finally revealed the truth and debunked his story of lightening his skin. During a Live video, he said,

“I just want to say that I would never, ever, ever in a million years bleach my skin. I only said that because I’m dropping a skincare line and pretty much, it’s to enhance your already beautiful skin. So, that’s all it’s about. So, to everybody that was hitting me up and people I really know was really asking me about if I’m really gonna bleach my skin.” Take a look:

Instead, he’s promoting his new skincare line, called Paradise. 

He’s been working on it for a year. His line features a facial cleanser, facial oil, clay mask, body butter, and body scrub! Take a look:

Safaree also dropped a new motivational song called “Stronger” ft. Jaquae. take a listen:

It’s also his birthday, and we wish him a blessed 40th birthday! Keep being great, KING! 

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