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NJ Man Who Went On Racist Rant Arrested At His Home While Protesters Gathered Around & Celebrated

Edward Cagney Mathews is facing the consequences of his horrible actions. 

The 45-year-old NJ resident was arrested. Viral videos are making their rounds on social media. You can see Matthews get put in handcuffs as protesters surround his home and celebrate his arrest. Some angry demonstrators threw water bottles and other items at Matthews. 

Matthews was initially charged with bias intimidation and harassment after a woman reported him to police on Friday. The unidentified woman says Matthews was constantly harassing her. In another viral video, you can hear Matthews shout racial slurs and offensive language at his neighbors. 

Officials said Mathews would face additional charges of bias intimidation and assault after police viewed viral videos of him harassing, threatening, and yelling racial slurs at neighbors, NBC reports. Another news source says Neighboord accused Matthews of engaging in racial incidents that date back four years. 

Matthews hasn’t been convicted of any crime as of yet. He was later released.


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