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Haitian President Jovenel Moïse Assassinated At His Home, His Wife/First Lady Reportedly Passed Away Also

A horrible tragedy happened to Haitian President Jovenel Moïse and his wife/First Lady, Martine Moïse. 

A group of armed assailants broke into their private home and killed both of them. President Moïse was killed instantly. His wife was wounded and taken to a hospital and died there. 

Prime Minister Claude Joseph called the attack an “odious, barbaric act.” In a statement, he said, “Every measure is being taken to guarantee the continuity of the state to protect the nation.” CNN points out Moïse’s death comes amid a surge of political instability, escalating violence and a growing humanitarian crisis. 

Take a look at a news report:


Moïse came to power in 2017 after a lengthy election process marred by delays and accusations of fraud.

Although he had never held political office before, Moïse was tapped for the post by the country’s previous president Michel Martelly, who stepped down in 2016 without a successor in place.

Moïse was a wealthy businessman who’d made his fortune exporting fruit, earning him the moniker of “The Banana Man.”

More recently, Moïse had been under pressure to resign in February of this year at what opponents considered the end of his five-year term. He had insisted he still had another year as president because he took office late.

NYDN reports the White House vows to aid Haiti.

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