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Black Twitter Furious Over An Ohio OBGYN That Banned Bonnets, Slippers & Pajamas 

Why do bonnets bother people so much?

Black Twitter is FURIOUS after learning that a Columbus, Ohio OBGYN office banned patients from wearing hair bonnets, pajamas, and slippers. 

A Twitter user named @LeslieMac made the viral tweet, which was retweeted thousands times. In the message, she wrote, “There is an OB/GYN in Columbus, OH that has a ‘no bonnets’ policy. My anger is peaking over this bullsh*t policing of Black women every f–king where.” Take a look:

In another post, Leslie claimed that “some doctors” don’t like seeing women wearing bonnets, so the policy was created. Madame Noire pointed out; an online user questioned why the office would have a dress code policy for pregnant women, who would typically wear comfortable clothes during the pregnancy. The user said, 

“The fact that there is a dress code for a doctor’s office… At least they make it blatantly obvious that you will not be treated with respect from the get-go. Not even pretending they’re not racist. Also, no PJs and slippers in an office that’s supposed to cater to pregnant ppl? I know women who’ve spent their last trimester only in slippers because their feet were too swollen to wear anything else.”

Comedian and actress Mo’Nique have been vocal about not seeing women in public with their bonnets. She claims her criticism stems from a place of love. She said, 

“When did we lose our pride in representing ourselves. When did we slip away of let me make sure I’m presentable when I leave my home?” Take a look:


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