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42 Dugg Claps Back At Critics Who Judged Him For Showing Affection To His Son + Apologized For Homophobic Rant 

42 Dugg has people chiming in on how he shows affection to his son.

The rapper uploaded a video of spending time with his baby boy on his third birthday. In the video, 42 Dugg played around with his son’s neck, like some parents do when showing love to their child. Take a look at a screengrab shared by the Neighborhood Talk Blog:

Social media went into a debate over the matter. For some, it made them uncomfortable, and other fans want people to get their minds out of the gutter.

After the backlash, 42 Dugg spoke out. He said, “Ain’t nobody going for that gay ass hoe ass shit y’all on,” he started. “Y’all [quick] to get on some gay bitch ass shit, but when a nigga jump down on one you hoe niggas and call somebody out we homophobic. Don’t nobody give a fuck about that shit. Y’all don’t [know] us. We [entertainers], that’s it. We [are not] here to coach you on life. If I say I’m not with that gay shit, that’s where y’all should leave it.”

Take a look:

Now 42 Dugg is saying he’s no longer posting his family/children on social media. He also apologized for his homophobic comments. 

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