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Nassau County Passed A New Bill That Says Police/First Responders Can Sue Anyone Who Harasses Them! 

A new bill was passed in Long Island, New York.

Police officers/ first responders can sue anyone who attacks/harasses them.

Via Hot 97:

Under the bill, first responders can sue any person who harasses, attacks, or injures them while in uniform. Police officers and other first responders can “seek and collect financial and punitive damages, with civil penalties of $25,000 and up to $50,000 in the case if the violations happened during a riot, according to the bill. The bill was passed with 12 votes in favor, six opposed, and one was absent.

Critics against the bill say this is a “retaliation for Black Lives Matter protests against police abuses and warn it could suppress demonstrations” reported in the Washington Post. However, lawmakers disagree and say it serves as “additional protection” to officers “in the face of destructive riots and lawlessness.” 

Take a look at reactions from people online:

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