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Brooklyn’s Kershey Gives Boss Chick 101 Lessons In ‘Take Money’ – LISTEN

Brooklyn’s very own Kershey dropped a new anthem for the boss chicks!

“Take Money” is an appetizer freestyle infused with Tupac’s classic Biggie diss on that “Hit Em Up” freestyle.

Kershey starts the track off with aggressive bars but in a calm/sexy voice. “First off f*ck ya fav I’m the one to hate! Ima take the throne Ima shake the game.”

The Brooklyn bar-spitta delivered catchy metaphors throughout the song. A notable one is when she makes Willy Wonka references. 

I came, I saw and I conquered.

Got a golden ticket to the top, Willy Wonka!

Uh, back to me, he in my chocolate factory.

If he taste it, there won’t be another after me!”

Toward to end of the track, Kershey reminds hating females that she’s the sh*t and has power over men. Kershey raps, “he blew a stack for you? I had him moving packs for me! Not a wife but I had him leaving half for me!”

Kershey’s voice is unique and you can hear/understand what she’s talking about. Overall the track is high energy, exudes Kershey’s confidence and sets the tone for more dope bars to come. 

“Take Money” gained over 15,000 streams on SoundCloud since being released in July. Kershey is an independent artist, so that’s pretty incredible! It’s been shared over 500 times with almost 800 hearts for the song.

Take a listen here + subscribe to Kershey’s channel! Follow her on Instagram!

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