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Idris Elba Told Michael Jordan He Wants To Play Him In A Movie, But MJ Shut Him Down

Will we see a Michael Jordan biopic?

It’s possible, but the basketball legend isn’t in a rush to create one right now. One of Hollywood’s elite actors, Idris Elba, believes he would be the perfect person to play MJ. Things didn’t go as expected when the actor boldly asked the goat if he could do so. 

Idris recently appeared on a Complex sneaker show. He spoke about meeting the living icon a few times for short moments. One time, Idris was invited to one of Jordan’s “wicked getaways” in the Bahamas and spoke about what happened. Idris said, 

“So Jordan had these wicked getaways in the Bahamas, you know what I’m saying? He would invite a bunch of people out. I think me and Gabrielle Union went out, we was promoting a movie, I think it might have been Daddy’s Little Girls and you know, I was gassed to be at Jordan Weekend.” Then Idris spoke on when they had a conversation. The Emmy nominated actor went on to say, 

“I even said to him one time, ‘I want to play you.’ He was like,’ Hm, I’m not ready yet.’… I was dead serious.” Idris continued, 

“In my head, playing Jordan wouldn’t be about playing the basketball player, it was about the businessman. He is a very astute businessman, really smart. And his work as a philanthropist is unspoken, but people don’t understand the work. He cares, he does a lot of work. So that’s where I was hinting at. I wanna play Jordan, I’m doing that. He was like, ‘I’m not ready for that story yet.'”

Take a look at the interview. Idris spoke on sneaker culture, his favorite kicks, and the fashion style from when he was shooting the hit HBO series, The Wire. On the show, he portrayed a drug trafficker named Stringer Bell. The MJ talk happens around the seven-minute mark:

Idris hasn’t started in a biopic as of yet. He’s been in the film industry for over 25-years and appeared in the most popular movie and Television shows like the 2018 Avengers: Infinity War, 2016, Zootopia, The Jungle Book, Finding Dory, 2007 American Gangster, 2021 The Suicide Squad, and more. 

As far as an MJ film, the closest thing we have is Space Jam. A lot of his life was covered in the 10-part 2020 documentary The Last Dance

Would you be here for an MJ biopic, played by Idris? Let us know. 

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